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39 reviews for (Ayurvedic + Astrology) Consultation – Online

  1. Shruthi ananth (verified owner)

    I want to thank deepanshu sir for starting this platform.
    I had a great seesion from both the astroger sir and the esteemed medical doctor.
    I want to thank for providing this great help, which i was looking for more than a decade.
    Gratitude 🙏🏻
    Very much satisfied with the conaultation


    It is different method worth trying

  3. Shubha (verified owner)

    Gratitude for Deepanshu sir! For this unique platform.
    Lot’s of thanks and amazed by the deep knowledge and understanding of astrologer sir and Ayurvedic dr sir. Pinpoint predictions, minutely. Hat’s off
    Astrologer sir as well Ayurvedic dr sir.

  4. Monisha Upadhyay (verified owner)

    I want to thank both the doctor and astrologer for their.accurate diagnosis on my health issues. I am observing improvement in my health after taking the medicines. Also the astrologer gave proper remedies based on my chart. Gratitude to Deepanshu Sir and team for this endeavour.

  5. Amit Gandhi

    Extremely grateful for the consultation by the doctor as well as the astrologer. Yet, I still have not received the medicines despite reminding through calls and messages multiple times.

  6. Charu Babbar

    Gratitude to Deepanshu Sir for this endeavour .I am thankful to doctor and astrology consultant as I am benefitted from medicines and remedies more than expected .It has done wonders for me .

  7. Dr V K Sharma (verified owner)

    Good concept to start.
    Astro part video received after lot of feedback after 10 days. although its not downloadable.
    Medical part video still not received.
    People don’t pick the call and don’t reply most of time. which is very bad.
    just started medicines today, so effectiveness can be known after one month only.

  8. Anurag

    I already had 4 consultations for everyone in my family. My consultation dates:
    January 13
    January 16
    Two consultations on January 28
    Although the consultations went well. Till today on 19th of February, I am still waiting on the outcome/prescription/medicine/recommendations from the 4 consultations.

  9. samastip (verified owner)

    this is excellent service. some of my problems are resolved and I can see visible improvement in my health (I am still continuing to avail services). Dr. Pankaj Brahmania is very knowledgeable and helpful. I have also started for this treatment for my parents also.

  10. rafiquebhai

    I have taken consultation from 5003
    She recommended stone to me and it has been 2 months my life changed
    The lady was very good in communication nd was very patient in listening my pronlem
    As my age is 37 nd problem was mrrg not happening

    So waiting that also to happen
    Thank u mam
    God bless u

  11. Rajesh Madan (verified owner)

    Zoom call was very poorly organised. Here is some of my feedback;
    1. Time in the whatsapp was given as 11am ,while in the mail it was shown as 12 .
    2. Both the Astro and the Doctor called at the same time causing total confusion. I did not know who to respond.
    3. My queries were not addressed to my satisfaction.
    4. Astro call was a attended not by Deepanshu ji, but by someone else who refused to provide his name. All he said was that this had been reviewed by Deepanshu ji. Well that does not give me the assurance of actually having spoken to Deepanshu ji. After all I my engaging your services was because of him .
    5. I left a word for the Doctor to call me, he hasn’t. All he said was my phone wasn’t avavilable. At the time he called I was speaking toi the Astrologer.
    6. I had asked for a written advise, which has not been provided.

    Over all a very disapponting experience. I seemed to be carried out amateurishly. I would like to request for both a recording and written advise.


    Rajesh Madan

  12. navneet.jain (verified owner)

    I took Ayurved + Astro Online Consultation. Dr Pankaj was very friendly. The consultant who gave Astro consultation was also very humble. Overall it was a Great experience.

  13. Monika Tandon


  14. Varnica

    My astro consultation regarding my health issues was absolutely amazing.. The predictions were to the point and so accurate.
    I was really happy and relieved because everything was so well explained and the remedies provided were easy to perform. Thanks a lot !

  15. Viraaj Dobriyal (verified owner)

    Me and my all family members wants to thank Mr. Deepanshu Giri and Doctor Pankaj and all the members of Yogtantra team , it’s so good to see that all the team take care of every single detail about patient and his/her chart and medicines, It’s a perfect combination ❣️ Keep it up guys ! …Thank you so much for your service ❣️🙏

  16. Geetika

    Thank you Deepanshu Sir for launching Yogtantra. I would like to thank whole team for providing such smooth service. I took consultation for my child and my husband. I must mention Miss Mitali is very humble and very cooperative. On my request they were quite quick to dispatch medicines on time as I had to travel abroad. Dr. Pankaj is very knowledgeable and patient in listening your concern. Heartfelt gratitude to whole Yogtantra team.🙏🏻🙏🏻

  17. Viraaj Dobriyal (verified owner)

    Thank you very much Mr. Deepanshu Giri and Dr. Pankaj ,
    And Mitali Vaish ma’am, and to all the team of Yog tantra 🙏 you guys are doing amazing work , i would like to suggest this to every patient or person who’s in pain or suffering from any disease! Thank you Mitali ma’am for cooperation 🙏

  18. Rashmi (verified owner)

    I have taken both astrology and Ayurveda online consultation. Thankyou Deepanshu sir and his team for such a great platform.I had a great session with Dr. Pankaj and Astrologer Sir. Thanks you for such a wonderful experience.

  19. Dhruv (verified owner)

    Astrologer and Doctor both are generous. Their afford is pure serving . They don’t leave patient until they are satisfied. The consultation was supposed to be 1 hr but they gave more than it. Their intentions is service without considering anything. Thanks alot to Ayurveda Astrologer ji and Dr Pankaj 🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Please take consultation, they see more than what you fell is needed

  20. Praanav Sinha (verified owner)

    Dedication towards patient is 200 per. Doctor sir, mitali mam & Deepanshu sir gratitude word bhi aplog k Dedication k saamne 🙇‍♂️ really-2 very helpful…I hv several health issues since last 10 years , but I m feeling somehow relief & too positive that one day I will Sure ………..

  21. sonam (verified owner)

    consultation was very much liberating. Dr pankaj is very sweet and knowledgeable he mentioned certain health issues that was not even mentioned in our form . astrologer part was also very good .

  22. Nandan Mukherjee (verified owner)

    Service was excellent…. consultant explained reasons for observations. Dr.Pankaj is a genius…….Astrologer was also good……

  23. Sameer (verified owner)

    Platform and idea is good. Vision is great but execution needs
    improvement and to be more robust.
    Areas of improvement;
    No calls and messages are answered on time. Less accountability
    Medicines are delivered late without any prior information and patient is waiting
    Mitali was nice and coordinating well.
    Doctor and management Dont care attitude is reflected due to high traffic which does not work for service business for long term

    Good parts are already mentioned hence we need to scale up the team associated to get this to next optimum level.
    Thank you for your the idea. Keep improvising

  24. Srinivas Sanka (verified owner)

    In brief – Not at all useful

  25. Ravi (verified owner)

    Astro and Medicle consultation went well. Dr identified my daughters problem and given medicines is slowly working.

  26. Stuti Johri (verified owner)

    First of all Thanku Deepanshu Sir for the initiative to start yogatantra for patient’s suffering from prolong illness and they have no hope in allopathy, the astrological remedies helped alot my mother’s sedative pills gets reduced over the time.

  27. Stuti Johri (verified owner)

    Astrological remedies helped alot for reducing the allopathy medicine , however ayurvedic medicine takes time to reach us.

  28. Anushka

    Mere paas shabd hi nahe jo sabka andhera mitane mai tatper h mai us suraj rupi prakash k bare m kya kahu
    Bas ye hi kahungi jo bhi luner astro or yog tantra se judega uska life m positive change ayega
    Jese meri life positive hui h
    Thanks to Deepanshu sir ji Dr. Pankaj ji or entire luner astro team

  29. Lavanya (verified owner)

    Thanks for the consultation sessions with astrologer and ayurvedic doctor. We are satisfied with the details provided and following the guidelines with trust. But I had requested for astrologer session recording which I haven’t received so far. Thanks to Deepanshu sir and all lunar astro team members for all the great work you are doing to the world.

  30. Sonali Chaudhary (verified owner)

    My appintment is of today at 3 p.m. but done know how to proceed.plz help someone.4100 paid

  31. Sonali Chaudhary (verified owner)

    No link recived for online consultation no phonecall came dont know what to do

  32. Pooja Gupta (verified owner)

    ॐ नमः शिवाय✨

    I had opted for Ayurveda + Astrology consultation. While the concept is wonderful, our overall experience hasn’t been great.

    During the consultation, we were told to report our first week’s progress along with a progress report at the end of the month.
    When we did, we did not receive any response.

    With no change in our condition, we reached out with feedback, and Mitali then connected us with Dr. Brahmania who asked us to share our prescription with him.
    Since then, we have been patiently waiting for his response.

    We consumed medicines for a month. There was no change. We reached out with feedback, as requested, but no follow up has been made ever since.

    Sadly, the medicines are just lying there, wasted, and the month-long religiously followed prescription went in vain.

  33. Harshita Sahni (verified owner)

    I really want to thank the astrologer #5001 and Ayurvedacharya Brahmania
    I consulted in March first
    N I’m connected since then
    My mood swings are better, pms symptoms has decreased and Cycles are coming exactly on time ..
    N my frustration levels has decreased .. my mind is focused these days thanks to Deepanshu sir and especially Doctor as I’m taking medicine n feeling much much better..

  34. Apar


  35. Mantosh Kumar

    first time login .no comment right now

  36. Nirmala Gurjar (verified owner)

    It’s was wonderful experience having session consultation with yogtantra. Had booked consultation for my father n mother both with yogtantra (ayurveda+ astrology)
    Dr sir listen all problem very patiently n given his best time n also astrologer given best n esaiest remidie. Completely satisfied thankful to deepanshu sir to give such concept n paltfrom best solution here v get.
    Really greatful n thanks to yogtantra n lunar astro team.

  37. Kusam Garg

    Consultation given by ayuved acharya not up to mark as to much medicine was given and that creates more problem which was earlie cured so i have to leave medicine but by jyotish remedy works well which was shri suktam path for eighty four days health was better but now when after that major cynuss problem and headache something problem in food pipe so please guide but to do now can we continue jyotish remedy start again

  38. vivek (verified owner)

    Consulted for ASD issues, for almost non verbal 3.6 yrs old son. After following the remedies ( although I could not perform all the them) as mentioned in consultation, he stated showing improvement in his speech. Now it has been 4 months he is able to pick most of the conversation and is able to communicate his needs. His cognitive skills have improved a lot. I was introduced to a new speech therapist in this period. Its a still long journey but I would say parents having ASD Kids must try this. The remedies are suggested based on the father / mother chart and not the child.

  39. Sindu


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